Color 2017

Greige (Beige + Gray). Greenery. Muted Pastels. Lapis Blue.

Personally, I have seen Lapis Blue, or similar tones, everywhere! A local bungalow just repainted from a blush pink to a bright lapis blue. My sons ukulele from Christmas, bathroom designs, tile, furniture! It's everywhere and it is winning me over!

I adore the Greige trend as a alternative to the gray kitchen trend. Hamshaw Kitchen & Bath designers tell me Gray in kitchens are going out soon, and designers are integrating Greige or even the classic white kitchen.

With fast approaching Spring, muted pastels are close to my heart, I wish we saw them all year round!

And Pantone's 2017 color of the year just brings a smile to my face. Greenery gives a fresh, bright feel of liveliness true to its' name!

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— Pablo

What Keeps You In NH?

This morning's episode on NHPR's The Exchange talks about millennials in New Hampshire. Why do we leave, why do we stay? What does NH mean to you and your long term goals?

You may have heard the Fed is raising interest rates....

Here is an article by Charles Schwab on what that could mean for you. They break it down by age groups, so I, being in the 20s and 30s, am not so worried. But if considering a new home, better to lock in a set interest rate sooner rather than later.


Millennials and the Suburbs

This is an interesting article about millennial home buying trends. Que up Arcade Fire's 2010 album, as we're leaving the cities and heading to the burbs! And if you are one looking for a burb outside of NYC, Chicago, LA, San Fran or Miami I can't help you, but these folks sure can.

Tallest hotel in Iran

Read here about the new hotel in Iran. The hole for the foundation is HUGE!


Why It's great to live in NH

New Hampshire's first in the nation primary is something we are proud of and attracts many political buffs to the state. Tuesday, February 9th is quickly approaching and this great article by NHPR features key towns to keep an eye on primary night.


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